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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When Was The Last Time Did You Hear God Speak? This Is Why So Many People Cannot Find Direction From The Lord.They’re Too Busy Trying To Get Man’s Approval. Man’s Opinion. Man’s Wisdom.

When Was The Last Time Did You Hear God Speak? When God Speaks One Thing We Must Realize. When God Speaks It Won’t Be In The Form Of Man. It Won’t Be In The Form Of Man’s Opinion.  It Won’t Be In The Form Of Man’s Intelligence. It Won’t Be In The Form Of Man’s Understanding. It Won’t Look Like Man. It Won’t Sound Like Man. It Won’t Feel Like Man. And It Won’t Be Man. It Will Be God!!! God doesn't require a job interview. He doesn't hire and fire like most bosses, because He's more our Dad than our Boss. He doesn't look at financial gain or loss. He's not prejudiced or partial, not judging, grudging, sassy, or brassy, not deaf to our cry, not blind to our need.

This Is Why So Many People Cannot Find Direction From The Lord.  They’re Too Busy Trying To Get.... Man’s Approval. Man’s Opinion. Man’s Wisdom. With All Of Man’s Wisdom, with all of man’s understanding, with all of man’s intellect, it cannot give the peace of mind that the Holy Spirit gives. Your whole world may be falling down around you. You may be facing a test that is life shattering. You may be looking into the face of death himself, but if you can get into a place where the voice of God can be heard. The Holy Spirit is a Promise, Comforter, Teacher and Guide. “It will lead you unto all truth”

When God speaks something is going to change!!! He spoke to the Void of darkness in creation and light and life sprang forth!!! He spoke to the frogs in Pharaoh’s river and they plagued his house. He spoke to valley of dry bones and they came to life again. He spoke to the blind and they began to see. He spoke to the dumb and he began to speak. He spoke to the leper and he was made clean. He spoke to Lazarus and he rose from the dead. He spoke to the storm and it was made calm.

And He is speaking to you today. We need to let God’s word into our lives. God’s word is like the sweet manna in the desert. It’s the cool water to the parched lips. Hosea 4:6 ...  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Who’s people? God’s People! People who should be living a blessed life! People who should be feeling the power of God in their life! They are reduced to poverty because they could not hear God’s word! I wonder what blessing would flow in our lives if we would only hear from God. This is why the Holy Spirit is so important to the believer.

Does it bother us that we can’t hear from God? Do we weep for lack of His voice?  Do we cry out in the darkness ...”Who art thou Lord”? Does it bother us when we can’t hear Him? “OH that I might know HIM!!!” “OH that I could hear Him speak to this church”. “OH that His word would go forth” “We go down to our knees, or we go down to oblivion.”

I’m fully persuaded God allows a lot of the stuff we endure to come our way, because it sends us running right back to the prayer room! At least in trouble God gets to hear our voice! But should this really be the only time God hears from us? When we're in trouble? And He's the last lifeline left? Prayer Will: Get you in, Get you Out, Get You Through. Never underestimate the power of prayer. "If you can believe, you can achieve".

J.P. Olson