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Friday, April 26, 2013

Think Clearly and Exercise Self Control

You can easily become distracted, wasting time and 
energy in pursuit of the wrong goals. Without self-control,
we can “slip back”into bad habits and “old ways.”

Many people, then and now, find it hard to exercise 
self-control. For example,according to a recent study, 
44% of Americans say they do not have time to be 
organized.These people waste time searching for their 
keys and other common household items. The irony is 
that “those who are the most organized spend considerably
less time looking for lost belongings.” These people have

Without self-control, circumstances can dominate our 
schedules. Our priorities can become confused, and we 
can become distracted. We can fail to accomplish God’s
purposes and miss out on His blessings.

Studying God's Word will enable us to Discern Truth from Error.

A person might say to you: “I believe Jesus is the 

Messiah too, but I don’t believe He is deity appearing

in human flesh, and here are some scriptures to prove it!”

Would you be able to defend your interpretation of those

same verses? Would you have reliable linguistic resources

or commentaries at your fingertips to help you?

You may have heard this illustration. When a new FBI 

agent is hired he is given intensive training. As part of 

the program he is taught how identify counterfeit money. 

The focus is mainly on doing a thorough study of the genuine 

bills, not the phonies. This is the best way to spot the fake 


While it’s helpful to learn about other religions and cults, 

we should be so familiar with God’s Word that when we 

encounter error, we will spot it at once. Today, many are 

being led astray by various “isms” because they don’t know 

and study the genuine truth of God’s Word.

By the way, we need more FBI agents ‑‑ who have FULL


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Works Will Not Earn God's Favor

Good works and right living will not earn the Lord’s favor.Most

of us look pretty good in our own eyes. But when held up against 

God’s perfect holiness, everyone of us is lacking.

Unguarded Strength

The Bible character fell on their strong points, never on their weak ones. Unguarded strength is double weakness because that is where the “retired sphere of the least” saps. “Kept by the power of God-that is the only safety.

We Must Never Measure Our Spiritual Capacity

We must not measure our spiritual capacity by education or by intellect. Our spiritual capacity in spiritual things is measured by the promise of God.

Understanding God's Favor

The word Favor often is translated “mercy” 
but also can be translated“womb.” This gives
us insight into the “favor” of God, for the womb
is the place where our lives begin. It is a place
of comfort, rest, and security. In the womb, each
babyis totally dependent on the mother.
The mother carries all the burdens and 
responsibilities, and she must provide all the 
food and protection. The baby only can rest and
trust.This helps us understand what the Bible means
by favor. Walking in God’s favor means recognizing 
what He does for us and how much we must depend on 
Him. It means realizing that our lives are in His 

Receiving God’s favor begins with recognition that 
He is our Creator,the God of the whole Universe. 
It requires awareness thatin order to experience 
success, happiness, joy, peace, contentment, 
and fulfillment,we truly depend upon Him.

Good Works Will Not earn God's Favor

Good works and right living will not earn the Lord’s favor.Most of us look pretty good in our own eyes. 

But when held up against God’s perfect holiness, everyone of us is lacking.

Paul's Guideline for Charismatic Gifts

I love the Holy Spirit’s gifts. But some of our “Spirit-filled” practices are questionable. The ear-shattering amp. When the early church prayed, the buildings shook. Today we shake our buildings by turning up the volume of our sound systems. You know they are too loud when church members pop in earplugs during worship. “Charismatic” does not mean “loud,” and our spirituality is not measured in decibels. The apostle Paul, in laying down guidelines for charismatic gifts, told the Corinthians, “When I became a man, I put away childish things” (1 Cor. 13:11). As we embrace the Spirit’s work, let’s allow Him to guide us into maturity so we don’t foolishly squander His power.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prevalent Attitude in our Culture

Thought for today:
It's not my fault is a prevalent attitude in our culture. To avoid responsibility for their own actions, people blame others. Sometimes our wounds are so deep that forgiveness does not come easily. While the person may have done nothing to deserve your forgiveness do it anyway. Refuse to use past hurts and wrongs as a reason to punish or get even with people.
People often ask me, Why is it so hard to trust people? I reverse the question and ask them, Why is it so hard to keep promises?

This Post May Just Be For You Today

This Post Is For anyone who's been through it, going through it and got through it. Stay Up, Stay Blessed and Stay Positive. God Never Fails

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Shall Not Want. Read James 4:1-10. The world is Mine, and all it's fullness. Psalms 50:12. Remember Our Needs Will Never Exhaust God's Supply.