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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today Determine to Taste Like Salt, and Look Like Light!

Today Determine to Taste Like Salt, and Look Like Light! We are constantly surrounded by people who need what we have, and yet we give them nothing, but give each other the same things week after week, behind the closed doors of the church! Isn't it time for the salt to get out where it's needed? We need to leave the comfort of Salt Mountain and dare to risk getting involved in places where lost people are; to look at the unbelieving people around us and start building some bridges into their lives; building intentional rescue relationships. More than picketers, protestors, or promoters, God needs some of His people to just move close to some people who are not His people…yet!
“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don’t think I’m going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.” (MSG)
Can you imagine how odd it would look if you walked into a dark room, turned on the lamp, and then put the lit lamp in a closet and closed the door? Sounds silly doesn’t it? But that’s what we’ve been doing. We sing all these wonderful songs about the goodness and faithfulness of God, yet we sing in the church. We preach all these inspiring messages about the saving, healing and delivering power of God, yet we preach in the church. We teach about the attributes of God, the fruit of the Spirit, the unconditional love of Jesus, yet we teach in the church. We pray until tumors dry up, cancer is cured, Aids no longer exists, the lame are walking, the deaf can hear, the mute can speak, the blind can see, the bound are free, and yet we pray in church.
Why do we keep light surrounded by more light, when we live in such a dark world? That’s what we’re assigned to do. Give a dark world some light, so that they may see our Father! And what happens when we do? “…they may see your good deeds and moral excellence, and [recognize and honor and] glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (AMP). When we shine light, they see our Father, and find a path that leads them to Him. And once they find Him, they praise Him, honor Him, and glorify Him! And all we have to do is taste like salt, and look like light.
But I also love the way the Message Bible says it, “…By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.” (MSG) When we go to where we’re needed, and share our salty testimonies about what God has done for us, we prompt them to do the same. Seek Him, Find Him, Follow and Trust Him. But we have to go to them first, and “ up...”.
And an added bonus is this, “ gives light to all who are in the house…” When you share the Good News with just one person, you in fact share it with many more than you think. Would you dare to ask God today to lay some lost person on your heart? Maybe He already has. Ask Him, "God, go ahead and break my heart for the people within my reach who do not have You." And then invest yourself in what Jesus did. He came "to seek and to save those who are lost." If you share your light, they’ll find Him too! Listen: Too many people are slipping away, falling, crashing because there is no salt making a difference where they are. Please, if you know Jesus, be where you are needed the most! Luke 14:34, “Salt is excellent. But if the salt goes flat, it’s useless, good for nothing. “Are you listening to this? Really listening?” (MSG) Today Determine to Taste Like Salt, and Look Like Light!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What's Coming is Better Than What's Been.

Be Encouraged, you're growing. Growing Up Involves Growing Pains! Are you striving to become more like Jesus, but some days it feels like two steps forward and three back?  Think about it: You don’t notice yourself growing older PHYSICALLY until you look at an earlier photo, and then it hits you! You wonder “when did all of those changes take place?” And it’s the same with SPIRITUAL growth; it’s hard to gauge how far you’ve come until you look back and see where you were BEFORE Jesus saved you and turned your life around!  

You look back and remember when you didn’t know a Scripture by heart, when you didn’t know what to say in prayer, when you thought you’d die of starvation from the first time you fasted, or when you use to skip over the names and places in the Old Testament because they were too hard to pronounce (ok…so some of us, no names mentioned, are still doing just a tad bit of skipping…lol) However, you can now at least quote Psalm 23; you can now pray longer than 60 seconds; you don’t faint at the thought of fasting, and you may at least sound out a word or two more from the Old Testament! I’m sure that made you smile, but seriously, you are growing and you are maturing! It simply takes time and truth is, you are further along today than you were yesterday! So learn how to enjoy small, daily victories!

Growing Up Involves Growing Pains! Likewise, you still have some more bumpy roads ahead of you. And certainly you will fall quite a few times, and quite a few floors, but where you are right now, remind yourself, “So Far, So Good!” Never forget that you’re on a spiritual journey, you’re making progress, and that the devil will always look for ways to remind you how far you still have to go! DON’T LISTEN TO HIM! Simply Remember the Words of Jesus: “…He has always been a murderer and a LIAR. THERE IS NOTHING TRUTHFUL ABOUT HIM…EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS A LIE. NOT ONLY IS HE A LIAR HIMSELF, BUT HE IS ALSO THE FATHER OF ALL LIES” (John 8:44 CEV).

Always Remember: If you get discouraged and give up, SATAN WINS! AND SURELY YOU DON’T WANT THAT!  Spiritually speaking, you’re probably not as far up the road as you’d like to be – HOWEVER, THANK GOD YOU’RE STILL ON THE ROAD!

J.P. Olson

Saturday, November 7, 2015

If You Gamble With Satan, He Is Going To Mess You Up Big Time.

If you Gamble with Satan, He is going to Mess you up Big Time. Then Sit Back and Laugh at You & Move on to the next Person.  Do the right thing when the wrong thing shows up. In the middle of our trials and tribulations our God will show up. We can sometimes get so caught up in the world's problems - that some forget just how Great our God is. If we don't know the truth about God's Word, we will believe the lies of the devil. Praise God in tough times as well as good times.  When you have Done your Best & your Back is Up Against the Wall. "STAND". When you focus on God, instead of your own circumstances, amazing things can happen. 

Satan will confuse you. He will get your head so mixed up that you won't know what to do. Satan tries so hard to keep you from knowing what to do or keeps you from thinking clearly. That is why Satan has started so many false religions that call themselves Christians when they are not. Their doctrines are meant to lead you away from the True Word Of God. Satan leads you to jump to this religion (Cult), and that religion (Cult) until your mind is so full of false ideas that you no longer are able to distinguish the truth. Only by you yourself turning to Jesus Christ, crying out to Jesus for Truth, will you be able to break away from Satan and come to Jesus Christ who is God The Word. (John 1:1-5, 14-18)

Every time that you pray to or praise God Satan will attack you with all that he can muster against you. Satan will do his best to get you. The closer you are to Jesus, the more sincere you are when you pray, the more Satan will try to slaughter you, and many times he does succeed because you let your guard down. God does send his angels to protect you but still you do have to keep on the armor of God or else Satan will reach you with some hits.

Satan has a great determination, a great hunger to destroy you. If he can mess up your mind or your head as some call it, then you will be destroyed indeed. I have met many who minds are so messed up that they no longer can even hear the truth without immediately distorting and twisting, and mis-interpreting everything that is said to them. And when Satan has your head, then he also has your tongue and heart and soul. (Matthew 12:34-37)

Satan will always attack you. As an individual, Satan will attack you from whatever direction that you stop looking. Satan is a coward that will never hit you head on if you are a child of God. Satan will attack you physically. He enters into many people, or controls them by outside demons. Satan will bring on many types of sickness to the saints of God. He tricks us into believing that God gave us the sickness to test us, to punish us. And so many Christians suffer when we could be free. And no, not all sickness is from Satan. Jesus healed both sickness caused by demons (Matthew 9:32-34) and the sickness that befall all men naturally. (Matthew 8:2-4)

The first place Satan attacks is your mind. Why? Because if he can mess up your mind then he can make you follow Him instead of following God. First, Satan will try to blank out your mind so that you will not even think about God. Remember the parable of the seeds where Satan comes and takes away the seed which is the Word of God. (Mark 4:2-25)

J.P. Olson