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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

God Tends to Recruit from the Pit Not the Pedestal. God Uses Rescued People to Rescue People

God never uses anyone greatly until he had tested them deeply. The next time you feel unqualified to be used by God, remember this, He tends to recruit from the pit not the pedestal. God uses rescued people to rescue people. If God has assigned you, He will come and find you, He will meet you just where you are. We make the mistake of saying I am not ready yet; it's funny because we ask God to change our situation, not knowing many times He put us in the situation to change us. God send you in the storm to show you what you are capable of.The gospel isn't a guarantee against tribulation,but it is a guide for maneuvering through challenges. Our hardest times can be times of our greatest growth. "I will not cause pain without something new being born saith the Lord." Isaiah 66:9. If you have ever been tested then you have a testimony, you have a story to share with someone who need rescuing. God love for those He has rescued from the pit to share their testimony with others who are seeking to be lifted out of the pit of destruction: drugs, alcoholism, abuse (physical and mental), lying tongues, infidelity, cheaters,pornography, idolatry worshipers, corruption, gossipers, chaos and the list goes on of things that displeases God and the addictions that only God can remove from someone's life and make a change. God can and will use anyone. The Apostle Paul was one of many who was rescued by God and went on to plant churches and rescue others. Remember, God tends to recruit from the pit not the pedestal. God uses rescued people to rescue people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Satan Will Not Volunteer To Leave You Alone,You Have To Take him Out Of his Comfort Zone,

Satan cant stand you when you are DAILY LOADED in your spirit and fully pitched with God!  It is impossible for Satan to fit in or stay comfortable when your heart is a Tabernacle of PRAISE and PRAYER!  Christ is the stability you need. Satan will not volunteer to leave you alone, that is not a part of his plan, but he will not stay where he is uncomfortable. You have to stand your ground and look Satan directly in the face ( whatever that circumstance, person, place or thing) and say you will no longer disrupt or interfere with my praise and worship or hold me hostage to your tricks and schemes. I will no longer be so stressed from your schemes that I can't offer up a worship to God. I am coming to the base DAILY LOADED in my spirit and fully pitched with God.  You have to let the devil know he is going to have a problem with you.  Take him out of his comfort zone.  By being DAILY LOADED and fully pitched with God, Satan has to remove his hand off of your family,  your children, your health, your church, your finances. The only way we can be DAILY LOADED in spirit and fully pitched is communicating daily with God. Talking to God doesn’t build relationship.  Communicating with God does –both speaking and listening. Just as much as we want God to hear us and listen to our prayers, God want us to know that He has something to say also, we must listen to Him as well.  The purpose of prayer is that we might know God better.   Nobody knows you like God knows you.  Nobody loves you like God loves you.  Nobody desire good for your life more than God.  Difficulties and hardships develop our motivation and willingness to pray. So today, if you are not DAILY LOADED in spirit and fully pitched with God, then start today communicating with God, by speaking then LISTENING.  How do you listen. Pray, listen , then meditate on God's Word. It's through meditation that we get a better understanding of what God is trying to say to us.  It is through meditation that we can hear Him speak to us more clearly. God speaks to us in many ways, but our communication and meditation need to be in focus with God. Today become DAILY LOADED in spirit and fully pitched with God.