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Friday, June 28, 2013

We are Perfectly Imperfect.

The only thing God cannot do is Fail. I Trust God more than I trust myself, I am limited and defenseless without Him.we are all perfectly  imperfect, but God looks beyond our faults and supplies way more than  our needs and that to me is Grace.

Why Can't We Be Like The Sparrow?

This morning I saw a mother sparrow taking care of her baby while the father watched and helped. 
The baby tried to fly on his own, landed on the swing, there were squirrels at the bird feeder and as the mother went to the bird feeder the squirrels didn’t scatter they just stopped and waited for the mother to get the seeds to take back to feed the baby sparrow, he was so excited when she came with the food, when he dropped the a seed from trying to eat the mother flew down picked it up and put it back in his mouth, he was totally dependent on his mother and the mother knew that. I think the mother sent the father a signal and they both flew away to let him fly on his own. The mother is skinny and the baby is plump because the mother has neglected to eat while feeding the baby. About after an hour I just went back to look, the baby is still on the swing, the mother and father just flew back after leaving him for an hour, I guess to see if he would fly on his own, it was funny, when he saw the mother he started shaking on the swing and the mother was on one side of him and the father on the other side of him so he wouldn’t lose his grip, he flew away with mother and father sparrow. Truly amazing about God's little creatures and how they obey God by their natural instinct.  Man’s natural instinct is to sin, why can’t we be like the sparrow and just obey God and simply look to Him for guidance, if we follow God’s lead, we will not err.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Is There A Time When Christians Shouldn't Talk About God? When Not To Witness

Silence can be one tool in evangelism. Are there times when a Christian shouldn't talk about God? I think so.  In the face of insincere challenges to our faith, silence may often be the best response.  In the hostile situation of Jesus' exchange with Caiaphas, He chose silence at first (Matt: 26:63). He understood that Caiaphas  wasn't interested in the truth (v.59). While we don't always know another's heart, we must be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in every situation that we"may know how (we) ought to answer each one" Col.4:6).

Also if an answer to a question will move the discussion down a rabbit trail and away from Christ, we might want to stop the conversation and pick it up another day.  Are there other times when silence may be best? If talking about faith distracts us or co-workers from performing our job, we should stay focused on our work. Or if someone has shown a continual resistance, we might choose to stop pressing them. Remember, we can be a witness of God's grace with our conduct as well (1 Peter 3:1-2)

Dear Lord, we want to be a testimony for You. Give us wisdom to know when to speak or not speak, and what to say or not say. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your direction today.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is God obligated?

The most beautiful place of worship in Jeremiah’s day was
the temple in Jerusalem,which King Josiah had recently repaired
and restored (2 Chron. 34–35). The people were fixated on the 
magnificent building (Jer. 7:4), and they foolishly thought that 
having the temple there meant that God would protect them from 
their enemies.

Instead, Jeremiah pointed out the sin in their lives (vv.3,9-10).
God is not impressed by beautiful buildings constructed in His name
if there is no inward beauty in the hearts of those who go there. 
He is not interested in an outward legalistic worship that is not 
matched by inward holiness. And it is wrong to think that God protects
people just because of the religious things they do.

Just because we’re reading the Bible, praying, and fellowshipping with
other believers doesn’t mean that God is somehow then obligated to do 
something for us. He cannot be manipulated. The purpose of those external
activities is to develop our relationship with the Lord and to help us live
differently than those in the world around us.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Well That Shall Never Run Dry

Water is essential for both physical and spiritual Life. Jesus had a surprise for the woman at the well. He offered her the Water of Life--Himself. Only Jesus the Living Water, can satisfy the Thirsty soul. 
A Well that shall never run dry. Don’t let the noise of the world keep you from hearing the voice of the Lord. God’s whisper of comfort quiets the noise of our trials.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God's love for us is:

God's love for us is as Expansive as the Open Arms of Christ on the Cross.

Just as Christ hung silently on the cross, let the line just sit there.
Like a teabag in the waters of the soul. Those who have ears to
hear will let it resonate as the teabag slowly, quietly colors the water

Sunday, June 9, 2013

At The Heart of Worship is Worship From The Heart

Some people view the worship service in church as a time for entertainment. We sit in the audience attentively watching the actors on stage. God is the audience for our Worship. What matters most takes place within the hearts of the congregation-not onstage. By focusing on the external of worship, we too miss the point: The Lord is interested in a sacrifice of the heart, an internal attitude of submission and thanksgiving. The goal of worship is nothing less than to meet and please our God.  When the early church prayed, the buildings shook. Today we shake our buildings by turning up the volume of our sound  systems.  “Charismatic” does not mean “loud,” and our spirituality is not measured in decibels.

Christ Makes HImself Avaliable To Me At All Times

If there are times that you can't reach me, don't hear from me or think I'm MIA, it's because during that time nobody can reach me but Jesus, when He calls, I come running, He makes himself available for me at all times, it's required of me to do the same thing and I wouldn't miss the opportunity.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Dying Plant, Saved By Tough Love

My plant was dying, but I saved it with tough love by getting rid of the dying part.I didn't know what was wrong with the plant, I thought it had been getting enough sun light, water and TLC. You just know something isn't right. I had been struggling with this plant for about 4 years, it was a problem plant. It was the only struggling plant out of all the plants I have at home.

Sometime we struggle and we need the extra help, I refused to throw it away, I worked with it, nurtured it and never gave up on it. Every time I thought it wasn't going to live, I would pray for an answer and I would try something different, I remember one time it just flopped all over the place and I knew it was over for the plant, everyone kept telling me to throw it out and I decided to tie a ribbon around the plant to hold it together for about a month. I planted it with coffee grains, sprayed it with sugar and water and then fed it with egg shell water, all of a sudden it started growing again and standing on it's on. I would sing to the plant and gave it nurture everyday. Well a few weeks ago I saw it falling apart again and then I saw one side of the plant looking very healthy, so what I decided to do was remove and get rid of the damaged part.

I thought right at that moment, that's what God does, he removes the damaged part of us, what we don't know God knows, he see beyond the outward appearance, he see what causes the damage, the hurt and bruises. I cut off half of the plant on one side, so it looked funny because one side was looking alive and healthy and I had cut the other side down to the roots, on yesterday, I told my husband to look at the plant the new roots were coming up healthy in just a matter of days, I took away the damaged part that was hurting and destroying the entire plant, when I removed the damaged part. the renewing and restoring process began.

Like a shrub that needs to be shaped and formed by the Gardener, it's the same example of Christ being the Gardener in our lives where he needs to prune us into shape by ridding us sometimes of unwanted things. God is not about to throw us away, so He removes that which is unwanted to restore back to new life, reinvigorated and starting over. Never give up on a person, place or thing, not even a plant, sometimes it takes the extra efforts, sometimes it takes love. The same thing with God, He never gives up on us.

What is the point of pruning? A master gardener knows that pruning makes plants healthier and more productiv
  • Sometimes branches die and must be cut away.
  • The plant may be "leggy" — spindly and weak. Pruning a plant like this corrects its growth, causing it to put out new shoots in other places, and ultimately strengthens it.
  • The gardener may find disease or insects. Pruning removes the infestation, keeping it from spreading to the rest of the plant.
  • With some plants like chrysanthemums, early growth must be cut back several times for the maximum number of flowers to appear.
A master gardener knows exactly when, where, and how much to prune. The plant does not! Its job is to submit to being pruned.
After pruning, the plant is reinvigorated. New, directed growth results. The plant produces more fruit than it would have otherwise.
Jesus told us that he is the vine, we are the branches, and the Father is the gardener. We've got the master gardener who knows exactly what and where to prune in our lives. He can see things in us that we can't, and he knows how to correct them. Like the plant, our job is to submit to his pruning.
It's important to understand that God's pruning can cause us temporary pain. It is not easy to see something you held dear in your life cut away from you, even if deep down you realize you are better off without it. It's even more difficult if you don't understand what's happening or you resist being pruned.
In this process, because of our weakness we have to depend 100% on God's mercy and to accept to be disciplined. This dependence and discipline is illustrated very well in John 15: 1-4: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."

Every Christian, is spiritually pruned by God, "because the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes everyone He accepts as a son." (Heb. 12:6). The word "purge" (kathairo - in Greek) means "to clean." In Greek, it was used to refer to cleansing corn (separating the corn from the waste material), and cleansing the soil of weeds before planting a crop. Spiritually speaking, God removes every sin from our life that impairs us to bear fruits at maximum level.

We don't really want to go through this process, even if we know that's for our good and for his glory. However, there is another reason to endure this discipline - a Christian who lives according to his Father's will, is a blessing for the church he attends. There are too many churches without Christians pruned by the Lord, churches where the fruit of Holy Ghost is missing.

About the ways God "prunes", there are many and various: sickness, hardship, loss of material goods, slander and persecution, loss of loved ones, grief in relationships, or war. God allows troubles to prune off the things in our lives that drain away our energy and rob us of our capacity to bear fruit. God is the master gardner, He knows where we need pruning in our lives, some of us need to be renewed and revived. God knows what to cut away and He rid us of things that are dead in our lives and things that need to be reshapen, if we only allow Him to prune us and sometimes yes it will be painful, but there is a song that say "No Pain, No Gain". You have to learn how to go through the process of being pruned to become a stronger and better person, to be Christ like, surely if Christ suffered and died on the cross for our sins, can you just imagine what a horrific death, the torture, rejection to bear the burden of our sins and you complain about what is a little pruning is going to do to you. Christ was without sin, He did nothing wrong, we did everything wrong and everything was wrong with us. Please Lord continue to prune us, renew us and revive us again.
J.P. Olson

My Little Blind Dog Peanut

I have a little blind dog, his name is Peanut, you would never know he was blind,  his other senses are very keen, which I believe is that inate instinct and ability God give to animals. When I came into Peanut life, yes I came into his life about 5 years ago it was a blessing for Peanut as well as a blessing for me. When I shared with my daughter that Peanut was blind she said, that figures, you are always seeking out the down and out, the lost and found, the less fortunate, anyone that has a handicap is your thing mother, we laughed because I would always joke that I must be wearing a sign on my forehead that only people in need see, because I can be in the midst of a million people and someone with problems will find me in the midst of the millions people looking for help, so goes the story of my life and then I'm on the mission to save the world.

Peanut walks around like he owns the world, roam the yard as if he knows where to go and where not to go, that's why someone would question if he is blind. He has such an amazing gift about him, although he is blind and it would appear that he need assistance, he is always the one protecting the other dogs. Something unique happened two nights ago, during a thunderstorm, it was around 2:00 am, I was asleep and wasn't aware that a storm was taking place until I heard my husband telling Peanut to settle down. Peanut who also sleeps in the bedroom in his little bed kept scratching my arm, he was nervous from the thunder, I was so sleepy, he was shaking uncontrollably. I did something I don't usually do and that is put him in the bed with me. My husband thought I had lost my mind, but I picked him up and I placed him in the bed in my arms like a baby and I said a few lines of the 23rd Psalm, 4th verse "Though I Walk Through The Valley of  The Shadow of Death, I Will Fear No Evil, For Thou Art With Me, Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me" 

Just as I finished that line of "They Comfort Me" Peanut was sleep, it was actually funny, because I said to my husband do you hear this dog snoring, the thunder and lightening was still flashing through the window, he was like a new born babe, he was in my arms as I comforted him and stroked his body gently. I realize that's what our Heavenly Father does, He comforts us in the midst of the storm, He brings us peace, if we just allow Him to lift us up and carry us in His arms, we too can sleep in peace and all of the fears of the thunder and lightening that comes with the storms of life. God wants to comfort us, that's just what Peanut wanted some assurance and comfort that he was alright when I lifted him up in my arms and carried him while he slept, God prayers work not only for me but also for Peanut. God guides Peanut everyday in protection, knowing that Peanut is blind, he knows where to walk without walking into the door or danger, He walks in the same path everyday. God wants us to walk in the same path of righteousness everyday so that we won't stumble and fall or walk into something that will hurt us.

If you are steering through life unanchored in the midst of a storm you will surely drift away. Jesus is your Anchor to get you through the storm. Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes He let the storm rage, and calms His child.  Have you ever found yourself in that place? Have you ever found yourself stuck in one of life's storms, and no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it seems that you cannot make any headway? Well, we all have times like that! It may seem to you like the storm will never end and that there is no possible good that can come from what you are facing., however, there is some good news for us from the Word of God, while the storms of life are never pleasant they produce certain benefits in our lives, sometimes the storms of life contain some hidden blessings for the children of God.

I do not know what kind of storm you are facing this evening, but I do know that the Lord has a purpose in allowing that storm to rage in your life. God wants you to cry out to Him, Peanut cried out to me, he kept scratching my arm and whimpering in a loud voice until I answered his cry for help and comfort. God wants to carry you in his arm and comfort you. The very thing the disciples feared the sea, was the very thing the Lord used as the vehicle to reveal Himself unto them. He will do the same in your life and mine. Notice how Jesus came to them that night. HE COMES IN THE FACE OF DARKNESS. IT WAS 2:00 am in the morning when the storm was raging and Peanut woke me up. The Bible says that Jesus came to them in"the fourth watch". Sometimes between 3 AM and 6 AM, during the darkest hours of the night, Jesus came walking on the water!

Just as surely as the Lord is in control of your blessings, He is also in charge of the storms. When things look the bleakest, just look around, Jesus is about to show up.Remember, He may not keep you from going into the storm, but He will keep you in the midst of the storm! Think of the 3 Hebrews, Daniel, and Noah.God did not prevent any of these from going into the storm, but He saved them all in the midst of their storm. What He did for them, He will do for you!

I don't know the nature of the storm you are facing this evening, He wants to carry you in His arms while the winds are still contrary to you. We are not promised comfort, but we are promised a Comforter in discomfort.

Friday, June 7, 2013

If You Expect To Lose, You Will

We generally get from ourselves and others what we expect.
It is a huge fact that you will either live up or down to your
own expectations. If you expect to lose, you will. If you expect
to be average, you will be average. If you expect to feel bad,
you probably will. If you expect to feel great, nothing will slow
you down. And what is true for you is true for others. Your
expectations for others will become what they deliver and achieve.
As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Love is Not A Commodity That We Acquire and Hoard

Love is not a commodity that we can acquire and hoard. Love can only be released. Love, then, is not a toy of human caprice-something we can trot out and use and then take back and put away when we are finished with someone. Know that love is not something you have to master, but only to allow. Love is a divine activity. Loving others is impossible until we love ourselves. Without love for ourselves, there is no "baseline" to measure other love. The power that is love begins with God, to be sure, but we need to accept that love as our own before it can be sent to someone else. The more we accept God's love, the more we allow it to pass on to others. God is love. How simple. How succinct. How complete. How utterly perfect! God is love.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Don't Be Deceived

 Don't be deceived. No human being is at any point in time free of external influences.
If you tell God to leave you alone (reject Him), He quietly stays aloof, while the rogues
(Satan and his demons) takes over. They don't seek your permission. And they don't leave
 even if you want them to, unless you ask God to help you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lord, Thank You For Being A God Who Goes Before Us

Lord, Thank you for being a God who goes before us and lives within us. That means whatever we may face we have nothing to fear and everything to hope for in You. You provide peace to calm our hearts, wisdom to guide our steps, and Your hand is holding ours all the way.  We trust what You will do and where You will take us with You. Wherever the journey takes you, love and prayers will be with you all the way.

J.P. Olson

You Don't Need A Back Up Plan, when God Is Your Master Plan

You Don't need a backup plan when God is your Master Plan.Your Master Plan for anything should first include
The Master who has the Plan for Everything.

In order to understand the Blueprint; you have to spend time with the Creator & Designer. God, the Creator 
has already Designed the Blueprint for your life through His written Word, the Bible & the Living Word, His Son.

Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing

  • Thought For Today: Nothing cannot produce something! So if you are giving nothing or sitting around doing nothing, what make you think that you are going to get something, at some point you have to realize that nothing from nothing leaves nothing.