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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Power of Prayer Lies Not In How Much We Pray.

The power of prayer lies not in how much we pray, but in how much our prayers line up with the beliefs of prayer found in God's Word. Sometimes we need to get out of the safe zone and step in the faith zone with God. Some of us simply need to make our mind up that we are going to follow God's will and not our own.  If you want to know God, you got to get involved with God. Having faith in God is the opposite of trusting in ourselves.  Do not think you can hear and comply with the Word of God on your own terms. You must humble yourself first!   When we start acting the way, God wants us to act, we get JOY in our life! There is no substitute - for reading God's Word and getting to know His voice.  God has already given you the faith to take you through any trial. Use it!  When No One can Help or Assist you, don't let the Lord be your Last Option. Allow Him be your first Option. The Lord is not going to Change You, until you have a Willing Heart to be Change. Otherwise, He will let you Keep Doing, What you are doing; but when you are willing, even when at times you are unstable, in Christ you can find yourself. He settles you with a peace no words can describe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Problem Today Is That Most People Are Not Asking For Directions

The problem today is most are not asking for directions. The way to God is the freeway, not a tollway; you don't have to pay to follow God. Whichever way God turns your feet,  you should go. You cannot fully enjoy your life, if you don't trust God.  If you will trust Him, God will design your life for you! When you trust God to fulfill the promises He's given you, all the forces of darkness cannot stop God from bringing your dreams to pass. When we face adversity, let us seek Your will and trust Your Word. It's time to take the limits off God and stop talking ourselves out of our blessings. Go where He leads you.  Learn how to agree with God.  He will never leave or forsake you. God's promises are forever. When everybody and everything else is gone, God will still be here. He has a way for us to live. And it leads to good things!  God can take a bad experience in your life and make you better for having gone through it.  Some things you can only learn in the struggle. Trust God. He knows what he is doing! When we pray, we must believe that God, who is all-powerful, hears and acts on our behalf. Let's take time to thank God now for riches He is about to give us. When God tells you to give something away to someone, give it!  And give it with no strings attached. Our God is a God of more! Not just a God of enough. The highest calling in our life is to learn how to enjoy God. If you don't know where God is in your life, find Him!  It's a crazy world out there!  Christ did not die that our sins might be covered. He died that our sins might be removed! 

God Is Looking For Risk Takers, Do Something Ridiculously, Drastically Crazy. Take a Risk, Trust God

If God is your God, don’t you have everything? Who can measure the full capacity of our wishes? But the immeasurable wealth of God exceeds it. Are you not complete when God is yours? Live up to your privileges and rejoice with unspeakable joy. Be a risk taker.

God wants risk takers. Are you willing to rock the boat, are you another Peter, are you willing to step outside of the boat and take a risk? The problem is that too many Christians want to stay inside the boat but God wants bold leaders who are willing to do something ridiculously absolutely crazy, in today’s society someone would say that what Peter did was ridiculously crazy, stepping out on the water, but Peter knew the One who calmed the sea, the One who was walking on the waves of the water, Peter kept his eye on the One who could do the impossible just when man thought it was not possible, Peter took a risk.

My husband said something to me that was ridiculously funny.  He said “I wonder when God think about you J.P. does He scratch His head. I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought why would God scratch His head, he said because you have all of these ridiculously ideas, on the edge. He said you just jump out there not knowing where you are going to land. I think God would say I have many plans for her in walking this journey with Me. I said God loves my boldness, I have ideas but I focus on the visions that I have and I make them happen, what happen to most ideas, is that they don’t go anywhere, they are just great ideas that doesn’t make an investor a penny. Nothing is wrong with ideas. If you have a grand idea, you have to be ready and willing to take big risks to further progress, you have to focus and put it into execution. I read a Japanese Proverb that said Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare.
I believe in putting the vision into action and then take a leap of faith, that ridiculously risk taking faith, believing God will make those provisions, without seeing the end of the tunnel. Now when we have vision in God it places us in immediate contact with God in our everyday experience of the world and in some of our most private thoughts and musings, Vision in God say that we utterly depend on God in every way. Whatever God has called you out to do, He will equip you with all that you need. You may not see it right away but trust God, He will supply when you apply. God may send you to a foreign land to help the poor, He may tell you to open a market where the local people can buy food, open a fuel station where people can purchase fuel, plant a church in another state. You have to be willing to take a risk and Trust God. I have seen doctors walk away from their practice to work for no charge in another land to help people and God provided. They took a risk of Faith. God provided them with donations, contributions, grants through philanthropists, ministries and businesses.

You see you have to demonstrate this kind of ridiculously risk taking faith. Taking a risk is doing things like, leaving a job you have been on for 20 years and then all of a sudden you walk away from it because God said I want you leave and start a church ministry. Now you have no idea where you are going to get members or a building, but what if you take it a step further and God send you a message or prophetic word and say sell everything and move to China, that’s where I want you to start the ministry. Now to some people this is ridiculously absolutely crazy, that’s stepping out on the unseen, clueless to where this is going, but you are taking a risk, because God said do it. Sometime God will move you out of a church ministry and place you somewhere else, people will not understand, you've been there for years, you've been active but God want you to take a risk and trust Him to place you somewhere else. What about when God say put that $1000 in the offering basket to help another ministry.  Now this is your mortgage payment, you have no clue where you are going to get money to replace this investment but you were obedient to the call and you took a step of faith through your obedience. You are taking a risk, a bold stand, this is what God want us to do, maybe not in the same scenario, which were used as demonstrations to show you how dramatically, ridiculous or crazy this may sound, but God want risk takers, where you placed that $1000 which was your mortgage payment, God sends you a payment that pays off your mortgage, something you're not even expecting. 
He want visionaries and not just an idealist. He want those of you are willing to rock the boat, I think He want those of you who will not only rock the boat but just outright turn the boat over and learn to believe God will not allow you to drown, but He will help you swim even when you don’t know how to swim, every time you take a stroke, He take another stroke for you, He is saying take a risk, keep going, I’m there, I know you don’t see the shore, but keep going, on the other side is going to be a huge ship, don’t worry about the little boat, I got you out of the little boat to put you on the big ship. God is larger than the boat. He has a ship waiting for you, but you have to get out of the boat, keep your eyes on Him, take the risk today. 
Invest in that property when you don't have an idea where you are going to get those other thousands that is required to seal the deal. Do something drastically ridiculous in the name of our Lord, give that donation to build a village or to help a ministry, start planning for that business when you don't have a clue where the down payment is going to come. Take a Risk today and Watch God!