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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Beware of The Dream Killer. Watch Out For Ones When You Say That God Has Called You To Something And They Say How You Are Going To Do That. The Word Of God Is A Dream Fulfiller

Mark 4: 18-19 – 20. Beyond your imagination, above what you are asking because He is not limited, The Word Of God Is A Dream Fulfiller. Nourish your dream with the word of God.  Feed that dream with nutrient which is God’ word, you are nurturing and cultivating. When you get into God’s presence you get to see the depth of it.  God is looking for you to seek Him out, feed on the word of God, One idea that can bring you out of all the lack into wealth.

Mark 29: 3-4 All things are possible to him who believe. Don’t let people kill your dream, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, the Hope of glory, tactics set by Satan, the spirit of offense and someone killing your dream. It’s time we start standing up publicly for God. WATCH THIS: People that you think you can trust with your visions, people you think you can trust with your dreams will often try to kill your dream and vandalize your visions. You thought they would be there to support you, but the devil will use them to destroy your dreams.

Joseph had a dream, now this is important. A dream happens in the unconscious mind but it affects your behavior and they will affect your behavior to the point that you operate a certain way without even thinking about it. You had a dream, vision of doing or being something and because this was down inside of you; you operated in a way to obtain that dream or vision and never really gave it much thought. You just did what had to be done because it was your behavior or has become your character. Example:- You wanted to get good grades so you operated in a way to obtain that, you studied because you had a dream, other people would say let’s to this or let’s do that and you studied, it became your character and people said they won’t do that because your dream had affected the way you acted.

When you make up in your mind that I am going to walk in my dreams and the desires and the visions that God has giving me, that is when the enemy looks to see who he may devour, that is the point where it seems like all hell has broken loose. When you began to walk in what you know that God has for you that is when. If he began to walk in the dreams and the Visions that God has giving him he will be a success. See it is not until you make up in your mind that you are going to live out your dream that is when the enemy comes in like a flood. See you can have a dream but it is when you plan to live out that dream, is when the enemy tries to destroy it. 

The devil doesn’t want you to be successful in fulfilling your destiny, the expected end that God has for you.

Joseph had a dream and he told that dream to his brothers. That is when the enemy stepped in. You can’t tell everyone your dreams, even the ones that you think are the closet to you because everyone will not be excited about your dream.

See Joseph brothers already disliked him because he was his father’s favorite. Watch This:- because of favor, the favor of God on your life, the enemy doesn’t like you. Understand that Lucifer’s role in heaven was the chief cherub angel he was responsible for leading the praise in heaven. Because of his pride he was kicked out of heaven and lost his position. We are created to worship and praise God, when we do that it reminds the devil of what he lost and he tries to destroy or purpose which is to praise God as he once did. PURPOSE!!!!!!

Joseph’s brothers disliked him because he had the favor of their father. Not only that; but his father made him a coat of many colors. Understand that this coat was a mark that said the father approved and accepted Joseph. WATCH THIS: when we have been filled with the Holy Ghost it is a mark that says we are approved and accepted of God. This makes the adversary upset because he is not accepted and approved of God.

Even though they didn’t like him it was not until Joseph had a dream when the enemy thought that now I got to destroy him. Genesis 37:19-20 says “And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh. Come now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some pit, and we will say, Some evil beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams”. His brothers said here comes that dreamer lets slay him and see what will become of his dream.

Everything could be just fine in your relationship with someone a brother or a sister or a close relative, and sometimes even your own spouse. Than all of a sudden they just turn left. Things began to fall apart. The devil will use the ones that are close to you to he can kill your dream, Kill your future, and kill your desire, and your ambitions.

But I am here to tell you today to watch out for dream killers. Watch Out For Ones When You Say That God Has Called You To Something And They Say How You Are Going To Do That. Watch out for the dream killer. Watch out for the one that you share your ambitions with. And they laugh in your face. Watch out for dream killers. Watch out for the ones that cannot see your vision. Watch out for the ones that do not support you. Watch out for the one, that when you say you are going back to get that degree. They say you are too old. Or you are just not smart enough. Watch out for dream killer.

Because what the enemy does he tries to stop you from progressing. If you are not doing the will of God, if you are not walking in your gift and your talent; you cannot progress on what God may have for you to do. I don’t care what kind of job you have it just will not satisfy you, I don’t care what you have. If you are not `living your dreams you have faced some dream killers somewhere down the line.

WATCH THIS: people don’t have to be the only dream killers, emotions can be dream killers, attitudes can be dream killers. What do you mean J.P. So-n-so hurt my feelings and I’m not going back there anymore. That’s a dream killer; remember the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations.

Beware of The Dream Killer. Spirit of offense is to kill the mighty works of God, get offended every time somebody open their mouth you will never see  dreams fulfilled guard your heart against the spirit of offense, recognize or perceive offense is a trap of the devil to steal your dream. The cares of this world will try to come in and steal your dream. You have to know whose voice you are going to listen, to the devil will tell you there is never an opportune time to step out. He didn’t know where he was going he just knew who was calling him. You can’t let the pressures of this life and world to get you off of your dream. Faith staggers are not at the promise of God, don’t question God, His promise is to stagger not, trying to figure out when God is going to do it, don’t think that it is up to you alone to fulfill your dream, God is able to perform it. Abraham was the Father of Faith, he considered not, don’t react to what you see. The Word of God is eternal, you have to consider this; we want to change lives, one soul at a time through the Word of God. Jesus became a man to feel what you feel, He felt what you felt. He was offended daily, but Jesus knew His destiny.

J.P. Olson