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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Anything Out Of Your Control Is Never Out Of God's Control; Because You Can't Handle It Doesn't Mean His Hands Can't.

Remember that anything under man’s control can always get out of control, because that’s our nature, we will mess up things, give us a little control and we start doing things our way. Anything under God’s control is never out of control because God is the controller of this world this universe. Nothing escapes Him, nothing surprises Him and nothing confuses Him, WHY? Because he is Omni = all. Meaning He’s all. Omnipresent: All-present, or everywhere present at the same time. Know that Satan cannot be present and everywhere at the same. Satan has demons and minions that he designates to be in various places but Satan does not have that power to be Omni: God is not confined to space, just as not confined to time. He existed before space was created.

Omni = all; science = knowledge. Omniscience: All knowledge. God knows everything. He’s knows everything. Nothing is hidden, overlooked, escapes His notice. God never learns anything. Has never learned anything & can’t learn. He is never surprised. Everything we are now learning He has known from eternity.

Omnipotent: Potent = powerful. All-powerful; Means God is able to do whatever He wants to do. Are there certain things God can’t do – something inconsistent with His nature?  God can’t lie, sin, violate His word, deny Himself or cease to exist. God only wants to do that which is consistent with His nature. He can do anything as easily as He can do anything else; effortlessly. We get tired and need food to replenish our energy. God never needs replenishing – to what or whom would He go?

Anything out of your control is never out of God’s control. Because you can’t handle it doesn’t mean His hands can’t.  If You Pray When You Are Only In Trouble, Then You Are In Trouble. My secret is simple, I Pray! If you have time to pray, God has time to listen. We need God in every single moment of our life. "I pray because I can't help myself, I pray because I am helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me at all times, waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God, it changes me." It's the most powerful weapon against trials and the most effective medicine against sickness. If a problem brings you to prayer then it has served it's purpose. Pray always; God can turn around any situation. Because with Prayer, just like that everything can change.

Don't pray only in the in time of crisis. Nothing qualifies for worry; Everything qualifies for Prayer.  If you need someone to just listen, then just pray. The greatest privilege God gives us is the Freedom to approach Him at anytime. Heb. 4:16.  Pray on it, Pray over it, but most of all Pray through it.  God answers prayer in several ways: He says Yes and gives you what you want.  He says No and gives you something better.  He says wait and gives you the best. Sometimes He doesn’t say anything at all, He just want you to trust Him. For what's for you will not pass you by.  Prayer is the way to defeat the devil. Do not give the devil a foothold.  Ephesians 4:27. Only Jesus, the Living Water, can satisfy the thirsty soul.  When a Christian stops growing in prayer, help is needed.  Make the habit of prayer a regular activity and see what happens: First, the habit of prayer.  The enemy warfare in your life is to cause you to become discouraged. Turn your Worry into Worship; remember prayer is where burdens change shoulders.


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