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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

You Will Either Stretch or Shrink Depending On What You're In. Move From Where You Are and Move Towards Where You Need To Be.

So How Big Is Your Thinking? For instance, are you looking to attain a job or begin a career? Are you looking to sing a song or sign a recording contract? Are you looking to work for a company or start one? Are you looking to lease a car or own one? Are you looking for an apartment to rent or a house to own? Are you looking to just get started, or do you already see the finished project?

Listen: Edison had to install electric lights for free in an office building before anyone even came to look at them. The first sewing machine invented was destroyed by a mob in France. Morse waited for ten years before the world showed any interest in his telegraph. And when the idea of traveling by railroad was introduced, people scoffed because it was widely believed that traveling at thirty miles per hour stopped blood circulation in the human body.

In other words, YOU are no exception! It will be just as hard for you as it has been for anyone else, but the level of Belief you have in your Beliefs is what makes the difference! All you have to do is maintain your faith, even in the midst of failure and fear, believing that God is still able to produce what He promised! Which means you need to ask yourself a few questions: Will I still hold on when the contract doesn’t come through? When the mortgage is not approved? When the idea breaks down? When the plans go south? When the direction is changed? When my favorites walk out? Will I still Hold On To What I Believe God is Able to Do?

So what are you waiting for? Believe God and Launch Out Into the Deep! BIGGER, BETTER, AND GREATER IS WAITING FOR YOU TO ARRIVE! Remember: The size of your faith and your vision determines the outcome of your idea! So stretch yourself and reach your greatest  potential! Ronald E. Osborn said, “Undertake something difficult; it will do you good. Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you’ll never grow.” Therefore, Get out of your Comfort Zone and Stretch yourself into uncommon, unknown, unfamiliar territory! Walk where you’ve never walked, go where you’ve never gone, try what you’ve never tried! You never know the unforeseen blessing you may finally discover!

I had a great friend Dr. S. Ross say something to me 8 years ago that I still hold dear today! She said “just because you’re a preacher or evangelist doesn’t mean you hang around only preachers or evangelists. You’ll never grow or stretch beyond the circle you surround yourself with. Instead befriend veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, politicians, athletes, sanitation workers, bank tellers, chefs and cooks, this way your growth, potential and opportunities for open doors will always be limitless.”

Now, anyone who really knows me knows I am a “Parable /Teacher”. I’ve evangelized and taught on everything from trees, ants, spiders, conies, and rock badgers, to eagles, termites, donkeys, gerbils, heifers, and snakes, to sewage, ice, storms, birds, ticks, planes, football, and even the one word “AND”! 

And the only reason I’m able to do what I do and do it effectively is because I broadened my circle! I learned to talk with NON-PREACHERS! That’s what sharpened my skills and gifts for teaching! Talking to different people from different walks of life, different backgrounds, upbringing, employment etc… It’s what Jesus did! He talked to the blind, lame, deaf, mute, adulterous, thieves, trees, wind, waves and even the dead!  Why should we do any different?!

And with that as a thought, perhaps your stunted growth is because you’re planting good seeds in a bad ground! You cannot plant fear and expect faith to grow! You need to stretch yourself and go in deep waters to get a big catch! Consider this: your promotion, mortgage approval, career, new job, degree, car, business…may all be in the Deep…But You’re Too Surface To Get It! So, are you really willing to pass all that up just because you’re afraid to go where you’ve never gone and try what you’ve never tried?!

Don’t Allow Your Limits to Limit You! Broaden Your Circle So You Can Embrace Bigger, Better, and Greater! Look at it this way: If you haven’t gained what you desired yet…what have you got to lose?! So Go for it! Launch Out! Remember This: You attain in direct proportion to what you attempt, which is why Jesus said to His disciples: “Launch out into the deep”.

Look at this translation:
“…Now GO out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.” (NLT)
The word “Go” in its simplest form means “To Move To Or From a Place” And that’s what you need to do if you are going to get what you’ve never gotten before! You’re going to have to Move From Where You Are and Move Towards Where You Need To Be! You Can’t Get It Standing Still or Staying Where You Are! Your Destiny Is Not On The Shore, It’s Out In The Deep, So Get Up Off Your Hind Parts and GO! Move Out Into the Deep!

KEY: Only take what you need into the deep! They took the BOAT! Make sure you only take what and dare I say WHO is Essential to Your Catch! Don’t take family because you assume that they’re family so they must go! That is not always the case! Sometimes Family Will Sink Your Boat the Fastest! Don’t take all your friends because all your friends are not there to help you catch or clean the fish…they just want to fry it up and eat your spoils! So be careful! In the words of my Professor…You Only Need What You Need! Don’t attempt to take extra!

In case you don’t know “Need” is defined as “Something Required Because It Is Essential or Very Important” And “Essential” means “Absolutely Necessary”! So Whether It Is a Person, Place or Thing, You Only Need What You Need! So Make Sure You Are Deep In Prayer, Faith, Word of God, Wisdom, And a Good Surrounding of People! 

You Will Either Stretch or Shrink Depending On What You’re In! So Get Off the Shore, Get Out of the Surface and Launch Out Into the Deep…Taking Only What and Who Are Absolutely Essential! THEN OPEN YOUR ARMS WIDE TO EMBRACE BIGGER, BETTER AND GREATER!

J.P. Olson

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