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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Steep Your Life In God-Reality, God-Initiative, And God-Provisions. You'll Find All Your Everyday Human Concerns Will Be Met. David Was Hurting, David Was Slipping and He Was Overwhelmed; Are You?

“My soul thirsts for the living God. When can I go to meet with Him?”  (Psalm 42:2 ERV).

King David was hydroplaning when he wrote Psalm 42:3-5. You see, things were moving really fast and he was losing control. David says,I’m on a diet of tears—tears for breakfast, tears for supper. All day long people knock at my door, Pestering, ‘Where is this God of yours?’…Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues?” (MSG).

David’s Hurting, David’s Slipping, David’s Overwhelmed, And David’s Hydroplaning! Are You?

If the truth be told, I was there not too long ago. My challenges were a lot bigger than my resources. I felt like my faith was like a twin-sized fitted sheet on a king-sized bed; it just couldn’t stretch far enough to cover it!
I was overwhelmed and anxious. I felt like I’d never catch up on anything. I was falling behind in school work, devotionals; proper scheduling of engagements, etc…Everything just seemed too much! It felt like having 2 body parts being stretched into 20 different directions! But, I must say, I’ve been there before, and if truth be told, I’ll probably be there again. But today I wandered into this psalm, Psalm 42, where I was hit with a probing question which turned out to be the answer. Now, if you’re feeling yourself hydroplaning right now, maybe it’s an answer for you, too.

In Psalm 42:2, David Asks An Extremely Important Question, that I had to learn to ask likewise, he asked: “…When can I go and meet with God?” (NIV).

Like David, I needed to stop my spinning world and simply get away with God. So I got away with just my Bible and my notepad, and I met with God. That may be your Lord’s prescription for all that’s ailing you right now as well. Although many of you may respond, “No way! There’s just too much for me to do to just stop everything!” Well, that’s exactly why you need to! Whether you know it or not, you’re losing control. You have to slow down to listen to your Lord for an extended, uninterrupted, unhurried period of time if you’re ever going to get back on track!

A quote that has come to be one of my favorites is: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” (Lao Tzu). If you think about it, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, all come year after year, and neither ever rushes to get here, yet they come faithfully and consistently! “For as long as Earth lasts, planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never stop.” (Genesis 8:22 MSG).

In other words, all the things that God has set or better yet “pre-ordained” for your life Will Occur, in their proper season! Habakkuk 2:2-3, "And then God answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. IF IT SEEMS SLOW IN COMING, WAIT. IT'S ON ITS WAY. IT WILL COME RIGHT ON TIME." (MSG) Therefore, you need not hurry, rush, or attempt to bring forth fruit in the wrong season! If it is to happen, it will! Don’t make the mistake that many, especially those in ministry, are making…and that’s driving so fast up the mountain to reach the top, that they’ve missed the breathtaking scenery along the journey! In their hurry to reach the top of the mountain, to mount a flag of victory, to make a name for themselves, they missed all the “little miracles” along the way! They missed the clouds and the silver lining, they missed the calming powder-blue sky, they missed earth’s most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, they missed the flowers that determined to push their way through the dirt and sprout forth anyhow, and they missed all of the creatures, the creation and the Creator rushing to “create” something for themselves!

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” (Saint Francis de Sales).

I came to a startling revelation in my quiet time with God. He reminded me of all the ups and downs and circumstances that we call trials. He reminded me that TODAY not a one of those things is a problem for me. Why? Because He saved me and granted me wholeness! And for what purpose? That I run around the earth, under the disguise of “ministry” or “kingdom” work? No, so that I would be mindful of His promise to me:…I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” (John 10:10 AMP).

Now, does that mean ministry/kingdom work is unimportant? Not at all! But the Scripture gives us the best advice:Blessed and fortunate and happy and spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again child of God enjoys His favor and salvation) are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God), for they shall be completely satisfied!” (Matthew 5:6 AMP).

And to add gravy to your mashed potatoes:If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think He’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do His best for you? What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, and God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll Find All Your Everyday Human Concerns Will Be Met.” (Matthew 6:30-33 MSG).


People of God, stop running around like a chicken with his head cut off! Life goes by fast enough, don’t rush and hurry through it, and don’t busy yourself so much that you have no idea where 10 years went! God will provide for you naturally and spiritually, so stop hydroplaning in all the wrong directions, stop wasting your time and your life!  Both of which you cannot get back once they are gone!

Take the time this week to write down what you’re feeling and thinking as you make it your most important business to meet with God and listen to Him. Ask Him for a fresh look at the people in your life, at the pressures, and at your priorities. Ask Him to help you see the forest again; because if the truth be told, you’ve been overwhelmed by focusing on all the trees!

In His presence, set some priorities. Make some plans and weed some things out. You can trust what you’re sensing in an extended time with God. This needs to be on a more regular basis.  

If you’re traveling at a high speed right now and you feel yourself losing control, first of all, SLOW DOWN! You need to carve out time away where your Lord can show you what He wants, what He sees when He looks at the people in your life, when He looks at the situations in your life, and when He looks at the needs in your life. Remember, you have to be still to know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10).

God is patiently waiting to talk with you. But are you too busy talking to everyone else to even hear Him?

Friends, you have no idea the calamities and dangers that could be avoided if you'd just take some time out to talk with God. To get His wisdom, guidance and direction. How many traps, tricks and snares you could bypass if only you'd reserve a little time just for Him. To take it a little further, if you'd stop and listen to the heart of God maybe this time you won't get your own heart - broken.

Believe it or not, but while you're anxiously waiting to receive that text, call, email, voice-mail, letter, picture, visit and the like, God Himself is standing like a wall-flower being completely ignored by the one person's attention He's trying so desperately to get...YOURS!

While you're running everywhere, all the time, for everyone, doing everything, a moment with God isn't even on your calendar! While you're preoccupied with titles, entitlements, elevations, positions, protocol and programs, God is patiently waiting just for a small piece of your time.

TODAY, determine that you will stop running and rushing, and relax in the presence of the Lord. He has time for you; won't you make time for Him?

There is more to life than increasing its speed.” (Gandhi).

Matthew 28:28-30, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” (MSG);

Mark 6:31, "He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a little while”—for there were many [people who were continually] coming and going, and they could not even find time to eat." (AMP);

Today, I challenge you to slow down long enough to ask a simple question:
…When can I go and meet with God? “ Then, if you’re smart, you’ll also take time to answer it!

J.P. Olson

Friday, September 22, 2017

It’s Okay To Ask For A Confirmation. You Are Not Going To Get In Trouble With God Asking For A Sign. Sometimes We Think We Hear God Saying Something To Us. But Here Is Where We Get in Trouble.

Sometimes reverent Christians who sincerely desire to please God will think that He is leading them to do something but they aren’t sure. Rather than risk disobeying God or running out ahead of Him, they try asking Him for a sign in order to confirm that they are properly interpreting His leading. Other times, we feel like we get an idea on our own about something that we want to do but we want to make sure we have God’s approval before acting on it. Still other times we think we hear God say something to us that perhaps seems too good to be true, and we want to make sure it was really Him before we rely on His words as a firm promise. One way or another, we find ourselves in a serious discernment dilemma and asking God for some sort of sign seems like the only way we can get clear leading. When our core motivation is to stay in alignment with God, putting out fleeces can be an appropriate course to take. God understands how difficult it is for us to try and sort through the static of demons, our own expectations, our emotions, and other people’s opinions. He knows that His leading often seems very vague or nonexistent even to those who are sincerely seeking Him. God is mysterious by choice: He could write His will in the sky for each one of us if He wanted to, but He does not. Instead, He slowly teaches us how to discern the many forms His leading takes, and providing specific signs upon request is one of those forms.

Understand this point: you are not going to get in trouble with God for asking for a sign if your heart attitude is correct. On the contrary, God is quite pleased whenever any of His children are sincerely seeking His will in a matter. Now just because you ask for a sign does not mean that God will give you one, and it’s important not to read personal rejection into this.

Here’s where we get into heart motivation. Fleeces are only appropriate to use when we are UNCLEAR as to what God’s will is in a situation.

Here's where we get into trouble. When we know exactly what He wants us to do, yet we keep asking Him to reconfirm His will to us by performing miraculous signs, then we’re just playing games. Now sometimes God gives us instructions that completely overwhelm us. This was the case for Gideon. He knew what he was supposed to do—he just didn’t want to do it, so he kept asking God to reconfirm His instructions by performing miracles. Gideon asked for two separate miracles in order to “prove” that he was hearing God correctly. Because God is gracious, He granted Gideon’s requests. But it is unwise to follow Gideon’s example in this area, for God does not enjoy playing games with us. Too often we use fleeces or signs as a way to try and get out of doing what we know God wants us to do. When our sign doesn’t happen, we use it as an excuse to say “I guess I misunderstood God.” Such behavior is going to result in discipline. To use fleeces properly, we need to first check our heart attitudes and make sure we are treating God with respect.

Whenever we try to determine God’s will for us by asking Him to do some specific event, it’s called using a fleece or putting out a fleece. We get the term from Gideon, who used an actual fleece—a piece of wool—to seek confirmation about God’s wills (Judges 6). Today most of us aren’t using wool, but the term stuck as a catch-all phrase for asking God to give us a specific sign.

Let’s remember that asking for a fleece is different than asking God to open doors of opportunity. If I feel He’s leading me to preach, then I might ask Him to open a door and I’ll have a general idea of what to look for. Asking for God to open doors of opportunity is about aligning with His timing: we know what He wants, we just don’t know when He wants it, and so we wait for Him to clear the way. Putting out a fleece is about trying to clarify what He wants because we are sincerely confused.
Sincere prayer is the first step in asking God for a sign. Get alone with Him and take a moment to review your dilemma in your mind to make sure you still need clarity.

The Holy Spirit might take that opportunity to show you His will by another means.
This is where many Christians fall down: they go through all the trouble of setting up a fleece, God cooperates, and then they bail on Him. Realize that as soon as you start down the “give me a sign” road, you are committing to obey God’s instructions. After you have received clear instructions on what He wants you to do, don’t think you’re not going to be in trouble with Him for willfully disobeying Him. Providing signs is not a game to God.

Gideon’s test using a wool fleece was a very poor set up because he did not leave any way for God to reject the test. In both of his tests, he made “no” the most likely option while “yes” required the breaking of physical laws in the universe. Gideon’s poorly designed tests reflected his poor attitude: he already knew what God wanted and was looking for an easy way out.

Here is where we get in trouble. You can use anything you want to be a fleece, but asking God for theatrics is simply unwise. We must stay focused on our main goal, which is to clarify God’s will. Asking God to perform miracles and dramatic stunts is simply not necessary and we want to be guarded against our flesh’s desire to be entertained.

When we ask God for a sign, our focus is on sight, not faith. We want Him to communicate to us in a way that our senses can clearly interpret rather than have to struggle with trying to discern a more obscure form of His leading. In real life, Christians often use signs to get extra confirmation about something they already know God wants them to do. Rather than continue forward in faith, as Gideon should have done, they hold back and ask for extra reassurance. Gideon knew that God wanted him to march out in battle with the odds totally against him. Rather than go forward in faith, believing that God would grant him the victory as He promised, Gideon started playing fleece games.

All humans begin life relying entirely on their physical senses, logic and emotions to guide them. Christians who are going to thrive in the faith must learn how to do life completely backwards: we must learn to rely on faith and God’s good Character as our guides instead of our senses. We must learn to put more trust in what is unseen—God—than what is seen. There is nothing easy, quick, or comfortable about learning to do this. It takes a lot of time, struggle and perseverance. Along the way we’re going to feel foolish, clumsy, dense, and frustrated. Just as children today would rather watch television than do their homework, we Christians would rather continue through life relying on our senses instead of learning new skills. If God would only keep the signs coming, then we would never have to struggle over what to do. This is why asking God to communicate to us through signs is highly addictive. Once we experience Him speaking to us through this method, we’re naturally going to try and use it as much as possible. This becomes problematic for God; because He wants us to grow strong in faith, not stay dependent on the crutch of sight. This is why God will quickly discourage us from using signs once we get started with them. He’ll use them for an occasional clarification to help us over some hump in the road, but His main focus will be building our faith up enough to wean us entirely off of the need for visual confirmations.

God is not against signs. In fact, there are many occasions in the Bible when He gives miraculous signs to people who aren’t even asking for them, just to give them an extra anchor to hold on to. When properly timed in a Christian’s life, signs can help speed up the development of faith. Overdo the signs, and the faith will wither like an over watered houseplant. It’s a tricky balance which only God knows how to properly maintain. This is why we must be willing to part with signs when God starts stonewalling us.

Here is where we get in trouble: Because signs are so tempting to overuse, it’s easy to start using them to try and get extra confirmation about things we already know are true. This is when God often lets Satan into the mix in order to discourage us from putting out more fleeces. We’ll start getting a lot of silence from God and then we’ll start to get answers that we know are wrong. “Do You love me?” we’ll ask and then our test results will indicate “no.” Obviously this isn’t God talking; it is demons that have gotten permission to toy with us. As soon as this sort of thing happens, it means it’s time to take a break because God is done speaking through signs for a while. This is where Satan will rush in to try and make you feel embarrassed for trying to ask God for signs in the first place. He’ll also try to tell you God is annoyed with you. We must remember that any conviction which makes us feel rejected, hopeless and distant from God is from a lie from demons. When God has problem with us, He is clear about what it is, He shows us how to get back in alignment with His will, and encourages us to do the right thing. He doesn’t beat us down and mock us for our past mistakes.

God loves all of His children dearly and He enjoys every stage of our spiritual development. When He takes signs away from us, we mustn’t read personal rejection into it. Instead, we need to realize He’s ready to move us on to bigger and better things. God wants the absolute best for us, and living by faith will lead us to far more peace, confidence and joy than living by sight ever could. It’s important that we don’t let Satan sell us a picture of God being impatient with us and quick to throw up His hands in aggravation whenever we stumble. The many transitions we go through as we mature are difficult to get through, and God understands this. He has great compassion for our struggles and He never gets annoyed with us for being human. When we get frustrated and upset after He blocks us from something we really want—like a clear sign about what to do—He is going to respond like the good father who pulls his child onto his lap and reassures him that everything is going to be alright. God knows how disappointing it is when He refuses to give us something we really feel like we need. But whenever God blocks us, we must realize it is because He has something better in mind. Never interpret God’s rejection of your fleece test as Him rejecting you personally. God loves you and wants you to grow into a strong, confident, tower of faith. He knows how to get you there. You need to trust Him.

At best, signs are only going to be in our lives for short seasons of time while we learn how to live by faith. The stronger our faith becomes, the less signs will play a role in our lives. God is not going to let us have a steady diet of signs, and those who think He is doing that with them have probably fallen into a dangerous pattern of self-deception. By using poor tests that are biased in our favor, we can pretend God is giving us signs when in reality He is not. We must remember that God is always focused on maturing us. The more willing we are to listen to Him, the more firmly He’s going to push us forward and the less time He’ll let us have relying on any physical props. While signs can be a good thing and totally appropriate at certain points in our walk, we must view them as only temporary helps which we want to mature past as quickly as possible. As always, when we sincerely desire to please God in our hearts, we cannot fail to do so, regardless of how many signs He does or does not give us.

J.P. Olson

Monday, September 18, 2017

As I Was Praying For A Word To Share This Morning God Gave Me So Much That I Had To Break It Up Into Several Days.Some Of You Are Millionaires & Don't Know It Yet!

As I Was Praying For A Word To Share This Morning God Gave Me So Much That I Know This Was Something To Share. I have decided to share the words God gave me in two more daily readings this week because it was so much more. Some of us are asking and praying but we are not praying in Jesus name. Jesus says: John 14:13; Whatever you ask in My name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Some Of You Are Millionaires & Don't Know It Yet!

Believe it or not, some of you are already millionaires in the spirit, and the time is soon to come for the manifestation of it in the earth realm. IT'S ALREADY WRITTEN IN HEAVEN! IT'S WAS PREDESTINED IN YOUR BOOK!

In the name of Jesus, I decree and declare new wisdom, new innovation, and new creativity in your spirit to lead you toward your multi-million dollar idea! IT WILL HAPPEN!

Although we are to build our hopes on things eternal, God still wants you to want and strive for more in this earthly life. When we prosper, He is glorified, and His purpose is fulfilled in the earth realm through it. His plan has always been to prosper you; never for harm.

Don't worry about your current circumstances. It doesn't matter. None of it can stand against the hand and power of God. He never runs out of supplies. Your mind can't even imagine His riches in glory. Just ask Him for what you need.

When you're trusting in the only Sovereign God, today you may be pinching pennies, and tomorrow you could be a millionaire.

Don't worry about who, what, when, and where. He will align every person, place, and thing you need. Jehovah Jireh!!!

Some folks are so comfortable in mediocrity; that God will have to drag them into destiny by taking away that comfort cushion that's keeping them bound. That way they won't have any other choice but to get up and pursue purpose, greater. God will finish the good work He started in you, one way or the other, especially when you are praying for Him to bless you.


Stop saying "I'M BROKE!" when people ask you to borrow money. That's another word curse you are speaking over your life, and surely you will be exactly what you keep professing "BROKE!" The word curse puts you in bondage. The word of God tells us that God will hold us accountable for every idle word.

Rest assured, just because they hate you, doesn't mean God is going to stop blessing you. As a matter of fact, He is going to bless you even more, because of their hatred. He will make them your footstool. He is preparing a table for you in the presence of your enemies. He will soon silence every mouth that rose against you in judgment. This is the God we serve! God affirms and avenges His own.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Do not receive every word a person says about you or to you. If someone keeps playfully calling you crazy, and you turn around and literally lose your mind, it is then you will know the power of simple word curses.

They are real! Once a person says it so much, and you begin to come into agreement with them, it is then you will know what the scripture means when it says "AS A MAN THINKETH, SO IS HE!" because you will surely begin to go nuts.
Do not let people playfully call you all kinds of names; not even nicknames. Reject those word curses, and break the power of them, in the name of Jesus.

As a matter of fact, open your mouth now, and say this " I Rebuke, Renounce All Connections To, Plead The Blood Against, And Break All Power Of Any Word Curse Ever Spoken Over Me, By My Own Tongue, Or By The Tongue Of Others From Childhood To Now. You No Longer Have Power Over Me! Lord Forgive Me For Every Word Curse I've Spoken Over Myself. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Lives, There Is Liberty! No One Can Curse What God Has Blessed! Whom The Son Sets Free, Is Free Indeed, In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!"

You will be surprised at the bondages that will begin to break off of you physically and spiritually after saying the prayer above. It's probably a word curse that has had you in many of the issues you've struggled with in life.

In the name of Jesus, you will break the cycle of poverty off of your family.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Thief Breaks Into Your Home And You Are In Your Bedroom.You Have A Weapon But You Don't Know How To Use It. You Say I Wished I Would Have Practiced Using This Weapon. So What Do You Do?

A day without prayer is a day we foolishly believe that we can handle any and everything because we have it under control! A Thief Breaks Into Your Home And You Are In Your Bedroom. You Have A Weapon But You Don't Know How To Use It. You Say I Wished I Would Have Practiced Using This Weapon Before This Incident. The thief is coming closer to where you are, you have the weapon in your hand but you don't know how to use it. So the thief comes to where you are and overtake you and harm you greatly. Terrifying Scenario!!!

Well the thief (SATAN) breaks into our lives to harm us and many of us have the weapon (THE WORD OF GOD) in our hand but we don't know how to use it. If we would have practice using the weapon before the incident we would know how to use it when the thief shows up. A Bible just sitting on the table has no importance, just as a treadmill that just sits in a room. They Must Be Used!!! Pray daily, study the Word of God daily so that when you come under Satan's attack you can be prepared;  know how to use your weapon; the Word of God. Don't let the thief (Satan) overtake you.

Run To The Roar! Whatever you doubt or fear run to it, face it head on.  We have been running with our backs to Satan for too long. Let’s face him head on, face to face and tell him to bring it on. Your victory is in your hands. God will lead and guide you. Don't give Satan the satisfaction and victory to run all through your home and life wreaking havoc simply because you are afraid to run to him and face him head on.  If we don't know the truth about God's Word, we will believe the lies of the devil. To Understand the Word of God, Rely On the Spirit of God. 

The Holy Spirit will give us understanding and teach us how to apply Gods truth in our lives. God doesn’t let us run in the opposite direction. The Bible is the tool the Spirit uses in our lives as an essential and major part of the armor that God gives us to fight our spiritual battles. I learned if we never meditate on God's Word, we'll never experience the depth of His love and what He will do for each of us in times of trouble. The Word of God (when you know it) becomes a filter in your life.  

The devil is a liar. Every play of Satan is a lie. The way to defeat the enemy is to name the lie and insert the truth. When you know the word of God you can defeat Satan by standing on God’s word as Jesus did by inserting the truth. Many of Satan attacks are effective on people lives today simply because they cannot run to the roar, because they do not know God’s Word. "Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. And the tempter came and said to him, 'If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.' But he answered, 'It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” ' Then the devil took him to the holy city and set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him, 'If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, “He will command his angels concerning you,' and “‘On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.” ‘Jesus said to him, 'Again it is written, "You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.” ‘Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, 'All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.' Then Jesus said to him, 'Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.” Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to Him." Matthew 4:1-11.

You see today, Satan is trying to use the same lie to destroy innocent people who are falling prey to his tactics. They are falling for the scheme he tried on Jesus, but the difference between Jesus and us; many of us are bowing down to Satan. He is saying to Christians and those in the world, he is saying look at all these kingdoms and its glory, look at all of the glitz and glamour, look at all of the drugs and sex, weapons, pornography, look at all the money, look at all of this and you can have it, just bow down and worship me, that old crafty devil will whisper in your ear and say things like this: I won’t ask you to do those things that God wants you to do, God wants you to obey Him and trust Him, I’m just asking you to bow down and worship me and you can have it all, and we fall into temptation and Satan’s snare, that web that he so craftily weaves for his victims and then we are done.

Satan then moves on to his next victim. But we don’t have to be a victim of Satan’s ploys and games, we have the same authority. If we get into the Word of God, we can do as Jesus and say it is written, the Word is our weapon to defeat Satan. When it comes to the Bible, we are often either anorexic or bulimic. We either take in just enough to keep us alive spiritually by eating from the Word (but never ingesting enough to be healthy, thriving Christians), or we come to feed often but never meditate on it long enough to get spiritual nutrition from it.

The Bible is the tool the Spirit uses in our lives as an essential and major part of the armor that God gives us to fight our spiritual battles. I learned if we never meditate on God's Word, we'll never experience the depth of His love and what He will do for each of us in times of trouble. The Word of God (when you know it) becomes a filter in your life. The Bible: Know it in your head, stow it in your heart, show it in your life and sow it in the world.  Listening to the Bible as you read it is a great way to slow down and focus on each word. If we don't know the truth about God's Word, we will believe the lies of the devil. 

To Understand The Word Of God, Rely On The Spirit Of God.  The Holy Spirit Will Give Us Understanding And Teach Us How To Apply Gods Truth In Our Lives. The Power Of The Spoken Word Is Great In That Words Are Like Seeds. What We Plant Will Grow.

The devil will leave you alone when you remind him of his future when you start reading Revelation Chapter 17 and on through the Book of Revelations he will run from you because he doesn’t want to hear about his time being limited and what is going to happen to him.

You see Satan knows the Word of God, but he distorts the truth and he quoted the scriptures to Jesus, the Son of God, who in turn, quoted the truth of God's Word to Satan and what did Satan do? He fled.  This battlefield we're living in is coming to a climax; Christian life is a battle, a challenge to the very core of our souls. Warrior up~~~, run to the roar of the toothless lion and beat him in his arena. This is what we are expected and called to do. We have the power and authority by the blood and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus! Run To The Roar; because your Father has never lost a battle and He never will. Jehovah Nissi (Hebrew: יְהוָה נִסִּי), The Lord my Banner, He reign in victory. Lord we look to You. You are our Strength, You are our Shield, You are our Rock. Help us to remove all doubt, all fear and when we "Run to the Roar", give us the victory. El Shaddai. The Bible: Know it in your head, stow it in your heart, show it in your life and sow it in the world.

J.P. Olson

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Some People Are On Cruise Control, Just Laying Back Relaxing, Never Be At Ease; God Want You In Full Control,

Some People Are On Cruise Control, Just Laying Back Relaxing, God Want You In Full Control, are you going to look at your circumstance or your faith. Never Be At Ease; if we just shut down, we shut everything out of our life.

I have cruise control on my vehicle, but I very seldom use it and my husband always say use the cruise control J.P. He say it saves on this and that and it's good to use cruise control and I always say but I don't want to get relaxed on the highway. How many of us have cruise control on our cars? It’s almost standard these days. How many of you use cruise control?  You set the speed, push the button, and kick back and relax. The car does all the work and your foot doesn’t fall asleep, it’s great. And that’s the way many of us want to live our Christian lives. -no work, no sweat, no suffering, life’s grand, let’s just always take the path of least resistance, let’s just do it my way and we’ll get through fine! I’m calling you to get off of that path: -get off the path of your own will and get onto the path of your Father’s will. -commit yourself to godly living, put in the toil, and the heart, and the attitude that says, “I will obey God no matter what.” And you’ve got to know up front that when you do that, some difficulties are going to come into your life.

Let me ask you, do you have a Gethsemane in your life? Are you going through adversities, trials, pressures, difficulties? A place where you’ve wrestled with your will and God’s will? That place of adversity you didn’t choose. It can be a lonely place: -the disciples were right there with Jesus but they were unable to help Him. -you may be surrounded by loving friends, family, church family, and yet feel all alone like you’re sinking. But face it; you know what Gethsemane is all about?  It’s not about you it’s about God; it’s about what God has in mind for your life -it’s about His will, and His plan, and His glory -it’s about you giving yourself to God saying, “Okay Father, not My will, but Thine be done. . .it’s not what I would have chosen, but I’m okay with that.” That’s Christ’s example of submission in suffering.

And that’s the prayer of so many Christians  who are facing so many challenges: -and today, you might be in that situation, “Father, step in and do a miracle, and make it all come to an end!” -“God, give me a way out!” “Lord, just get me out of this!” -And if done in the right spirit, there’s nothing wrong with that prayer. But notice what else Jesus prays in verse 36- “Not My will, but Thine be done.” That’s what is unique about Gethsemane Experience: It puts down its’ own choices, and preferences, and picks up the will of the Father, and carries the suffering, the trial, the adversity, the cross. And that’s the summons that God gives you today.

Are you willing to follow Christ’s example of submitting to the Father in your trials. If you’re not, let me just tell you, life’s going to get hard for you, harder than you could ever imagine and in the very area where you refuse to submit. So this morning you say, “Alright, I’m going to submit to do what God wants me to do in my Gethsemane today. How can I possibly do that?” Where’s the help you need to endure? Turn over to Hebrews 12:1, 2 (read it) in verse 1 we’re presented with our problem: -we have a hard time running the race with patience or endurance. With constancy, it means to “stay under” -anyone can face a week long trial if they know that at the end of the week it’s going to be over. -but trials often don’t work that way, they go on, and on, and on. . . in fact, there are some trials, of a certain brand that don’t go away in this life.

Set your eyes on Jesus “Looking unto Jesus,” verse 2 says. It means to take your eyes off of something else, and put it onto Jesus. Now why is this so important, this fixing our eyes on Jesus? Because when you’re in the throes of a situation, there is a myriad of things that compete for your attention, -questions you can’t answer, resources you can’t muster, what does the future hold? And then just the daily grind of bearing up, “can I hold out in all of this”? What’s the only thing you can do in those situations? 

Take your eyes off all the unknowns and get them on Jesus, the One you know. Why Jesus? Because He’s the Originator and the Completer of our faith.

He’s the One who will preserve our faith. So you set your eyes on Him. Set your eyes on the finish line: Verse 2 says of Jesus, “Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross. . .” What joy was before Jesus? -really, what joy could Jesus possibly see through the cross? I believe the joy before Jesus through the cross was the completion of the Father’s will for man’s salvation, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jesus saw all that in advance, and that’s where He put His eyes, on the finish line.

And you are going to keep going by doing the same thing. Are you are going to take glory in knowing that in your suffering you’re not just out playing games, coasting through life, wasting it all? You’re living for God’s will. When you cross that finish line, and are made perfect and complete in heaven, and get your reward for a faithful life, you’ll know joy like you’ve never known before and you won’t suffer loss. So in your Gethsemane, set your eyes on the finish line.


J.P. Olson

Friday, September 1, 2017

We Can Only See In The Right Now, But God Is Not Limited In The Right Now. What Do You Do When Every Time You Get A Financial Breakthrough There Is Another Setback Waiting On The Other Side?

We Can Only See In The Right Now, But God Is Not Limited In The Right Now, God Is Way Down The Road In The Not Yet, He Then Moves The Not Yet To Here Is Your Harvest. If you keep walking with God, He is taking you to where you can’t even see it`. He will provide the seed. He will do it according to His nature, when you try to figure out how He is going to bless you, you start limiting God.

2 Corinthians:  Chapter 9. Verse 10. God identifies Himself as the supplier, He provides, there is a flow in these scriptures, it is through His name that He reveals His nature., it’s something about a part of His name that meet our needs, to bless, God is God, blessing is what He does, it’s a part of His name, One of His name is Jehovah Jireh, He is our provider.

Although the Bible is very clear in 1 Timothy 6:10 that “the love of money is the root of all evil,” it is also clear from Psalm 11:1-3 that “wealth and riches are for those that fear the Lord”.

It is God’s desire to see His children move in great authority through building and distributing wealth. But what do you do when you can’t even get past living paycheck to paycheck?

What do you do when every time you get a financial breakthrough there is another setback waiting on the other side? What do you do when you just feel like your finances are cursed and getting stable is a distant miracle?

God doesn’t intend for us to struggle financially our entire lives. There are seasons of struggle, however, that we all go through. Whether we’re just young and naïve or we’re a bit older and perhaps undisciplined with our finances, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in financial distress. God’s plan is for us to manage our resources though, not the other way around. It is possible to get out of the prison of debt and live lives of financial freedom!

I have been through seasons of want and of plenty. I’d like to share with you some of the things we learned as a way of offering you encouragement.

My husband and I are stewards, not owners.

That’s the first and overriding principle we have to recognize. Everything we have is a gift from God. We have a tendency to act like we “earned” things, but that’s not the truth. Without the time, talents and providence of God, we wouldn’t have anything!
Everything belongs to God. He simply allows us the great privilege of caring for it. And one of the best ways we can do that is to not be wasteful.

In John 6:12, after Jesus fed the multitude, He told the people, Gather up now the fragments (the broken pieces that are left over) so that nothing may be lost or wasted. Jesus could have simply done another miracle to provide for the cleanup after his miraculous meal, but instead he taught people about the importance of making the most out of what God has provided.

Jesus also taught in Matthew 25 that God will put us through “tests” to see if we can handle greater blessings. His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness.’ (Matthew 25:21 NIV)

God isn’t going to release new blessings into our lives until we first learn to manage the ones He’s already provided. If you’re waiting for your financial breakthrough, it could be that God isn’t finished preparing you yet.

As you learn to be a better steward with what you have, God will, little by little, give you more. When you start using the resources you have to bless others and bring glory and honor to Him, He’ll bless you with more so that His glory can multiply!

That’s why it’s so important to keep God first. If we don’t do that, we won’t be getting very much enjoyment out of our financial blessings, and it’s very likely that they won’t keep coming very much longer either.

Do what you can do and then say whatever level I am at I will bless the Lord, and trust God do the rest.

Bless to be a blessing. Whenever When God speaks to you about planting a financial seed, He has a harvest for you coming. Where there is no vision people perish. 

Because of the vision people will not perish and without the people the vision will perish, just say I will bless the Lord. We don’t want to sit up and beg we want to trust the vision; we want to trust God. Because of a vision lives will change, just ask God what do You want me to do? Whatever He speaks to you be obedient, and then say I will bless the Lord. There are things you are praying for, family and friends; God has given us the opportunity to bless others.

Pray big prayers, big goals, If you ever impact how big God is.  1. Seed for food (Bread); He is our provider to remind us that.  2. He also gives us seed for sowing. It is only the seed that you sow that God promise to multiply. Malachi: I will open up the windows of heavens. God say you put me first and I will fill your life with good measure and then I will press down and make room for more so that it will run over so that you can bless others. We learn how to thank God for the little things. Blessing is what He does.

You must stand upon God’s Word and pray these things through. It is not God’s will for you to live in despair, or for the poverty mentality to have its way with you. Here are some prayers to pray to break financial curses and increase financial blessings over your life.

Father, I stand upon Philippians 4:19 which states, “My God will meet my needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus”. I thank you that I do not have to put trust in my ability to meet my needs, but I put my trust in Your ability to effectively work through me.

Father, I stand upon Psalm 34:10 that declare “the lions may grow weak and hungry but those who seek the Lord shall lack no good thing.” Lord as I seek your face I believe that I and my family will lack no good thing.

These are just a couple of prayers that are infused with the Word of God. There are many more in the Bible. Continue to trust God as you journey through the season of testing in your finances. Trust His word and know that He is not a man that He should lie. He will come through for you as you obey Him.

J.P. Olson